Best EDC Flashlights By Category


Button cell

The best button cell is LRI Photon Freedom Micro LED torch. It has a small size weighing 7 grams but gives out 4.5 lumens for 12 hours.  It is waterproof with an IPX-7 rating and invincible. The light features an on/ off switch, range, and regulation brightness mode, as well as Morse code signal mode.  You have the option of connecting the light on your zipper, hat or carrying it in your bag by the use of a keychain. However, the flashlights come in different colors and lights, hence the need to check and choose the right one.

AAA EDC light

The best AAA EDC lights are Olight flashlights. However, Olight i3S EOS is exclusive. It is small in size and uses a single AAA battery as the source of power. The light has four different light modes, a strobe, and three lighting levels. It features Cree XP-G2 LED which illuminates 80 lumens which are the best line LEDs of similar size flashlights.  Besides, it has a body made of aircraft-glade aluminum and has a pocket clip and a keychain to ensure you have it with you always. Besides, it is stylish and comes in five different colors; red, blue, gold, purple and black. It gives out 0.5 lumens for 60 hours and 80 lumens for 35 minutes at low and high setting respectively.

Best mini EDC- 3inches and below

Olight S10 Baton is the best mini EDC, which is all round. It has a durable pocket clip that is reversible and good brightness, which is close to the brightest flashlight in the category. The torch has a reliable circuit system, which makes it beat its competitors by having an extreme and steady brightness. It has an XM-L2 Cree LED, powered by one CR123A or RCR123A battery. Also, it has four brightness levels, a strobe and it is waterproof with an IPX-8 rating. Despite its size, it gives you quality light output, which lasts for long. It produces 0.5 lumens for 360 hours and 400 lumens for one and a half hours in low and high settings respectively.  Also, you can replace it with Olight S15 Baton if you prefer using AA or 14500 batteries.

Best small EDC-4 inches and below

If you are a flashaholic, then you must have used the Zebralight SC52 L2 AA. With only one AA battery, the flashlight competes with flashlights using 2 AA or a single CR123 Li-ion battery, regarding light given out and duration of use. It uses Cree XM-L2 LED, with two color options. White LED is utilized by the standard SC52 while the Zebralight SC52W L2 uses neutral white LED.  The neutral white LED produces a lower lumen with the best visual color.  The flashlight has three brightness levels, which has three programmable choices.  Besides, it can use 14500 batteries.  It gives out 0.01 lumens for three months and 300 lumens for 54 minutes at low and high settings respectively.

Best medium EDC

According to Surefire flashlights are the best quality lights you can have.  Unless you lose one after buying, they are highly durable.  Surefire P2X Fury is powered by two CR123A batteries and gives out quality lumen by the use of Cree XM-L emitter.  It is a dual output light with low and high settings producing 15 lumens for 46 hours and 500 lumens for one and a half hours respectively.